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Certified by Auto Experts on 50+ Inspection Points

Choose from 100% Certified Bikes only. All bikes are thoroughly tested and certified by Auto Experts who come with 8+ years of Industry Experience.

One free checkup service

Secure your bike for the future, avail the one monthly free Checkup (Free Labor). Free check up is to be done with in 30 days after buying.

Free 3-Day Buy Protect

Any unforeseen issues you face in a week’s time will resolved free of cost. No labor charges applies only spare parts charges will be applied.


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Why Choose Bikezila?

Bikezila- Your Trusted Used Two-Wheeler brand is a revolutionized platform that solely deals with buying, selling, and exchanging used two-wheelers /pre-owned bikes. Our mission is to offer best-in-class service with transparency, genuinity, and accuracy. ...

We operate in the top locations, Karachi have the foremost collection of pre-owned bikes. The bikes are scrutinized based on the auto expert's 50+ levels of the check points.

Browse the top collection of branded used bikes like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Unique, Super Power, Super Star, United, Chinese brand and many more. The showroom experience is now right at your fingertips by using the Bikezila.

Genuine & Transparent service Bikezila assures you to safely sell your bike or buy a used bike online. 100% online means you can self-inspect your motorcycle. There are no hidden charges, all are transparent, and you can save more money and time.

Finest assorted range We ensure the quality of the used bikes to be finest in all possible ways. Our collection of 100% certified bikes has significantly passed through 50+ levels of checkpoints by the auto experts for retaining top-quality.

Refurbished bikes: As Impressive As A New Two-Wheeler We spend an average amount of nearly Rs.10,000 to Rs. 15,000 on bike to get it refurbished for maintaining good condition. You'll get a top-quality refurbished used bike at an affordable price.

Doorstep service Whether buying a used bike, selling your motorcycle, or even bike servicing, every related thing can be done from the comfort of your home. Opt for self-inspection and get your bike sold from doorstep. You do not need to come to the showroom, as you can now book your preferred time and day online.

Why should you sell your bike to Bikezila? Over the years, Bikezila has strived to create a fair and engaging customer-friendly service. As a buyer or a seller, you'll feel the ease of enjoying the hassle-free service.

For us, quality comes first. Sell your bike to Bikezila if you want to enjoy a reasonable price. The commoners have repeatedly faced difficulty in selling their old bikes with a genuine deal. We at Bikezila build up that trust and genuinity with our service. To sell your bike, you can rely on us!

Sell Bike Online In 3 Quick Steps Submit bike details, get a free valuation and finally get your money credited into account or you can receive cash as well. The process to sell bikes online is effortless with Bikezila. You can sell your bike if you have used bikes by submitting your bike details, you'll be directed to fix the time and date for a free inspection of your bike.

Free Inspection by Industry Expert Auto Mechanic Once you have scheduled your bike, an auto expert mechanic will visit your home for a free inspection as per your confirmed time and date.

Get an Accurate Price for your Bike An auto expert at your home will inspect your bike. Once all the parameters or checkpoints are encountered, and no issue is observed, you'll be offered an accurate price for your two-wheeler.

Hassle-free documentation Regarding Bikezila, we are known for our swift and trustworthy service. The paperwork holds much importance and is given top priority once the deals are finalized. Legal matters are also sorted.

Sell your used bike to Bikezila and enjoy the fast service in no time.

Why should you buy a Used Bike from Bikezila? Your Trusted Used Two-Wheeler brand-Bikezila's mission is to ease the buying, selling, servicing, and exchanging of two-wheelers process among the commoners. Offering a banquet of beneficial services to deal with motorcycle requirements and buying the right two-wheeler at a desirable price-Bikezila makes all impossible possible. By merging with the market auto experts, we strive for detailed scrutiny before purchasing a second hand bike. All the used bikes and used scooters at Bikezila are refurbished to retain the quality.

Refurbished Bikes At An Affordable Price Used bikes at Bikezila are collected from genuine sellers. All the bikes run through 50+ levels of the checkpoint by experienced auto experts. All the bikes are thoroughly checked and tested before purchasing and displaying on our website/app for sale. The used motorcycles are refurbished to retain the top-class quality.

Host of Benefits: One free checkup/maintenance with in 30 days after buying the bike & Free 3 days buy Protect Securing your bike for the future is Bikezila's responsibility.

Why should you choose Bike service at home from Bikezila? Bike service is essential to retain your bike's good health. By choosing our doorstep bike service, you'll enjoy a hassle-free experience from the comfort of your home.

Our two bike service plans are: Basic Package of 1199 PKR and an Standard Package of 2499 PKR. The spare components used on your motorcycle are genuine and of premium quality. We ensure consumer safety with minimal contact while choosing a bike service online. Regular and authorized annual bike service can be done at your home. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Certified Auto experts Your bike will be serviced by certified industry experts. The auto mechanics will provide you with genuine service. They are well-trained & trusted. They will ensure what is wrong with your bike before they start servicing it. Every part of your bike is serviced after your approval.

Genuine Spare Parts We have assorted mechanics who care for the bike offering quality service. The authentic parts are labeled so you can check them anytime while servicing.

Sanitized The eco wash service for the bike is the most important these days, and we provide it in both of our plans to make it safe and convenient for you to use without any fear of getting germs/infections.

Book bike service at your doorstep today! Get 100% genuine spare parts used for the service by trained auto experts. Once you get the confirmation online, there will be no added charge for being liable for this!

We all want a hassle-free service, and Bikezila promises to offer it to you at your location as per your convenience

Why Choose Bikezila?

Buying used bikes from Bikezila is quick and easy. By visiting the online website of Bikezila you can witness the large range of bikes listed in order. Choose your location and set your budget this helps you to narrow down your buying options for used two wheelers. Check out the list of bikes available to fit in your budget and the maximum you can stretch to get a good bike, Bikezila will help you out.

Fill in the details accurately; Bikezila executive will get in touch with you shortly. If you wish to physically see the second hand two wheeler then visit the nearby showroom using the showroom locator on the website. Understand the positive highlights of the used bikes whether it fits your comfortability, feels good and meets your expectations or not! Once you finalize choosing the preferred used two wheeler, further Bikezila executive will guide you to process your buying parameters

Bikezila has made your bike selling process hassle-free. By visiting the Bikezila website click on the option ‘Sell’. You can thereby choose location/city, details like brand, model, variant, and year of purchasing. Bikezila caters to cities like Karachi.

Sell my bike with Bikezila by following three simple steps and get a host of immeasurable benefits;

Submit your bike details- Sell your bike by simply filling in all the information forms and get all the instant estimation of the price range for your two wheeler. Get free Inspection- Once you have submitted all the details, a Bikezila executive will visit your location for a free inspection. You will thereafter get the final price for your bike. Sell your bike with Bikezila- Once all the parameters are checked and verified, you’ll get payment in your bank account or cash.

Bikezila is one of the most preferred omni channel consumer brands entrusted to buying and selling used bikes. Being a pioneer in the largely unorganized industry, Bikezila has currently started its business with one showroom located at North Nazimabad Karachi. However, in near future we are planning to spread across different cities to serve the customers.

Transparency, Trust, and hassle-free service for the buyer/seller is our priority. Bikezila is one of the Most Preferred omnichannel consumer brands entrusted to buying and selling used bikes. We love to upgrade with the growing trend making everything customer-friendly. To ease the buying, selling and servicing of bikes, we have made the doorstep option available to all. The consumers can find a bike on the website and schedule a test drive from home.

Amidst the pandemic, this doorstep feature has made buying and selling of second hand two-wheelers easy. You can even service your bike by getting in touch with the Bikezila executive for further process.

Bikezila brings to you the best collection of used bikes at your doorstep taking care of all the details related to it. Purchasing a used bike has many advantages;

Lower expense New to the city, need a two-wheeler urgently Lower premium rates Perfect for daily use and long trips The age of the second hand two wheeler bike does not reduce its value. In an unorganized market, Bikezila has made customers satisfied with their service. The quality of the second hand bikes or at Bikezila is premium. It goes through necessary refurbishment & 50+ checkpoints inspection done by auto experts. The used bikes are available at an affordable price.

The craze of riding a bike is on the higher side. It saves a lot of time to travel. With this idea, Bikezila brings to you user-friendly second hand bikes at an affordable price. You can sell your bike or buy used bikes without any hassle.

There are various reasons for choosing used bikes, all are listed below:

Convenient, reliable and affordable. Multiple brands under one roof At Bikezila the bike conditions are ‘A’ graded ‘ No hassle of legal work Doorstep Facility Bike service at your location at your preferred time.