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Bike Service at Home at a Reasonable Cost

Do you have a fear about entrusting the maintenance of your motorcycle to an unknown person? Are you concerned about the bike parts that are used? Well, by choosing the Bike service at home offered by Bikezila, you’ll have a hassle-free experience. The spare components used on your motorcycle are genuine and of high quality. Bikezila ensures consumer safety with minimal contact while choosing a bike service online. You have the option of purchasing a bike service that offers: a one-time or annual plan for Rs.549 and Rs.1199, respectively. Regular bike service and authorised annual bike service can all be done at your home. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.


Get your bike serviced at a time and place of your choice - be it your home of your office.


We have well-trained auto experts who are experienced to provide the best quality service at your doorstep.

Free 7-Day Buy Protect

All work done on your bike will be in your presence. 100% genuine spare parts used.

Bikezila Care is Completely Safe!

We follow all COVID-19 safety protocols while servicing your bike. Your safety is of paramount importance to us

Staff Checking

All our staff health is monitored and body temperature is checked prior to sending him on field.

Contactless Working

Staff members will be in mask and gloves at all times while interacting with you.

Sanitisation and Disinfecting

Bike surfaces and keys will be thoroughly sanitised when handing over to you after servicing.

Bike Service at your doorstep with Bikezila

Regular two-wheeler service is the key for maintaining top-class bike performance. Often, it isn't easy to go out to the bike service stations, every 3 months for the service. Bikezila brings you the most helpful and best doorstep bike service to ease this process. It is accessible in all the top locations like Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. Earlier bike service at home was a dream for the bikers. Now, the doorstep bike service has come to reality because of Bikezila.

There is no need for you to search for expert mechanics and technicians as we have arranged that for you. All you need to do is book an online bike service through Bikezila App or website and get your bike servicing time fixed. An expert mechanic will come to your doorstep at your convenient time and date to take care of your bike. There is no added or hidden cost to this service. It is transparent and will be shared with you if any serious problem is there with your bike. No hassle of service stations or service tips is required.

Doorstep Bike Repair Service covered by the top Mechanics

At Bikezila, you’ll get two major plans for Doorstep Bike Repair Service: a one-time and an annual plan. In one-time service plan it includes the following services

· Engine oil check-ups
· Electricals check-up
· Carburetor/ battery/ spark plug check-up
· Vehicle fitness report · Eco wash & polish

In the Annual package, you can take 4-time service without any hassle. There is more comfort in the bike service at home. In this package, inclusions are;

· Engine oil check-ups
· Electricals check-up
· Carburetor/ battery/ spark plug check-up
· Vehicle fitness report
· Eco wash & polish
· RSA roadside assistance
The expert auto mechanics take full responsibility for servicing or repairing bikes in Bangalore. We offer authorized bike service online in Delhi, in which two-wheelers are picked up from one location and taken to the authorized service station, and they will be serviced there and delivered back to your site in one go. The certified experts repair the bikes in the best possible way to make them convenient for you and your family to use.

Benefits of choosing two-wheeler service at home

Two-wheeler service in Jaipur with Bikezila is easy. All you need to do is login to the website or download the Bikezila app for quick access. Find your bike repair service and select the kind of plan you are willing to explore. If you need any assistance with the service matter, you can reach out to customer service for clarity. A list of the service professionals will fulfill your demand on servicing and get you a professional service choice to enjoy bike repair at home.

Use of authentic parts

We have assorted mechanics who care for the bike services and related problems. The authentic parts are labeled, which you can check anytime while the servicing takes place.

Safe and completely contactless

Safety comes first when it is with Bikezila. As the environment is polluted and the covid infection is high rising, we prefer two-wheeler service at home to be contactless. There is no point for you to come close to the service person, and it is entirely hassle-free in every way.


The eco wash service for the bike is the most important these days, and we offer that in both of our plans to make it safe and convenient for you to use it without any fear of getting the germs/infection.

Trusted Staff

We have an assorted range of well-trained auto experts who are experienced in offering the best quality bike service in Ahmedabad at the doorstep.

Book bike service at your doorstep to get the work done with 100% genuine spare parts used for the service. Once you get the confirmation online, there will be no added charge for being liable for this! Happy two-wheeler servicing online! Book bike service at your doorstep. Enjoy hassle-free bikie service with Bikezila.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the website to get the best doorstep bike service on a pocket-friendly budget.

When it comes to doorstep services for bikes, the preferences are significant. At Bikezila, we offer- Engine oil check-ups, Electricals check-ups, carburetor/ battery/ spark plug check-ups, Vehicle fitness reports, Eco-wash & polish, and RSA roadside assistance.

You can avail of the doorstep bike service either from the Bikezila app or through the website.

With the guidance of certified auto experts, using authentic parts vehicle service at the doorstep instead of a garage is transparent and simple.

Transparency, Trust, and hassle-free service for the buyer/seller is our priority. Bikezila is one of the Most Preferred omnichannel consumer brands entrusted to buying and selling used bikes. We love to upgrade with the growing trend making everything customer-friendly. To ease the buying, selling and servicing of bikes, we have made the doorstep option available to all. The consumers can find a bike on the website and schedule a test drive from home.

Amidst the pandemic, this doorstep feature has made buying and selling of second hand two-wheelers easy. You can even service your bike by getting in touch with the Bikezila executive for further process.

At Bikezila the customers have the privilege to unlock a wide range of deals while buying a used bike/scooty from Bikezila. Apart from the top class after-service you now can be assured of 6 months warranty, and 7-day buy the product.

Bikezila offers festive discounts on the used bikes along with other regular offers (offers will be updated on website). There are EMI plans made possible on the apayment front once you buy a used bike.

Yes, as the auto-experts offer general services at your doorstep.

All the parts used for bike service are genuine. You can check the serial number and hologram, Qr code, and RFID tags for authenticity.

We accept all sorts of payment-based online transactions. Due to covid, it is preferred that the online payment is made so that there is no contact during the delivery of the bike.

No, there is no particular type of two-wheeler that we are limited to when it comes to bike servicing. We prefer to service all sorts of bikes to ease the owners' difficulty.

The billing./ invoicing will be updated to you via email. You can even get it displayed from the app once you log in to your profile.